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PEPEGEM AI is an innovative AI-powered bot that tracks and analyzes Crypto Twitter data and exchange activity. Rollout will start with a Telegram bot and proceed with bots for other platforms, a full-scale web portal, and an integrated non-custodial wallet.
Crypto Twitter is a rich source of information that can provide precious insights to traders and investors. Dramatic token rallies or crashes often start with a series of influence tweets; new profitable narratives appear on Twitter first; while airdrops or giveaways posted on Twitter can yield thousands of dollars’ worth of rewards.
However, manual Crypto Twitter research is too complex and time-consuming for most users – thus the need for an automated system like PEPEGEM AI. The name ‘bot’ really doesn’t reflect the possibilities of this platform as the most powerful system for identifying crypto investment opportunities on Twitter. Among many other features, PEPEGEM AI platform will monitor:
  • Follows and mentions by influencers and VCs;
  • Newly registered crypto projects;
  • Engagement rate (likes, comments etc.);
  • Giveaways, airdrops, and other incentivized activities.
To add another angle to project evaluation, PEPEGEM AI will also report anomalously large transactions on CEX and DEX exchanges, which can be used together with Twitter data to identify the best entry and exit points.
Just as importantly, PEPEGEM AI platform will analyze and synthesize the data to calculate an individual ranking for each project, taking into account engagement and other factors.
The native PEPEGA token will be released with the first version of the bot as an BEP-20 token on Binance smart chain., with liquidity pool on pancakeswap and a yield farming program. As support for more blockchains is added, PEPEGA will become a cross-chain asset.
The next step is a decentralized multichain wallet that will work in synergy with a dedicated web portal. The PEPEGEM AI portal will feature all the information and analytics generated by the AI, complete with a portfolio manager and a trading bot that will execute transactions based on its own project analysis.
PEPEGEM AI solves a major issue for crypto investors: the fear of missing out. It helps to identify the best insights, tokens, reward campaigns, and even whole new trends while they are still relevant. Leveraging a data-mining system like PEPEGEM AI is the best way to snatch up crypto opportunities before others do.
Last modified 6mo ago