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Bot integration

The bot will initially be provided free of charge for all servers during the testing period. After that, the bot will continue to be free for servers that have less than a certain number of members (the exact number is to be announced later based on the demand during the testing phase).
The owners of larger servers will need to pay a fee, the rationale being that big servers focused on crypto trading and investments usually charge their users between $25 and $200 a month. It wouldn’t be fair if they used the insights generated by PEPEGEM AI bot for free to provide paid services.
Individual crypto investors and traders who would like to use PEPEGEM AI’ insights for personal purposes can simply use telegram version or create a private Discord server and install the bot, without any need to invite other users to the server.
PEPEGEM AI Discord bot will be added to the biggest bot directories, such as Discord Bots ( and We are also going to launch a bug bounty and community testing campaign, with rewards in PEPEGA tokens, to raise awareness and improve the product.