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Giveaways & other activities

The bot will constantly scan all the project pages on Crypto Twitter for new giveaways, airdrops, incentivized testnets, contests, and other activities. The neural network will learn to recognize activity start and end periods and “understand” which ones are still running.
The most basic result will be a list of links to relevant tweets with project names. The ultimate goal is to present a list of relevant ongoing activities, including rewards and deadlines.
For many users, this is the most valuable feature, as airdrops can sometimes result in hundreds of dollars’ worth of gains. Also, following them manually is almost impossible, as many last just 24 hours. Moreover, the algorithm will recognize and exclude fake airdrops – phishing scams that unfortunately proliferate on Twitter and that many users fall for.
At the same time, the activity tracker isn’t an easy recipe for obtaining rewards. The bot cannot know if a specific user is eligible, so users will need to double-check the terms, fill in the necessary forms, join a campaign platform when needed (such as Port3), etc.