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Influencer followers

The bot will display the list of influencers following any crypto project account, including newly added projects. Who is considered as an influencer depends on many factors: follower number, engagement and retweets, the pre-loaded influencer database, etc.
The neural network will work based on a curated database of influencers including traders, project CEOs, well-known developers, VCs, etc. The algorithm will train itself to distinguish real influencers from fake ones - those that copy an influencer’s bio, avatar etc. to promote scams. The bot will also learn to recognize accounts whose follower numbers are artificially bloated by bots.
The idea is that any quality project is normally followed by a few Crypto Twitter authorities. A new project can simply buy thousands of bot followers to appear popular, but it can’t buy a lot of influencer followers. A project that isn’t followed by any well known CT personalities most likely won’t attract a lot of token buyers, so it can’t be considered as a good investment.