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PEPEGA token utility: LPs yield farming

Simultaneously with the bot launch, PEPEGEM AI will release its own BEP-20 token, PEPEGA, and create several trading pools on PancakeSwap DEX (PEPEGA/BNB, a little later: PEPEGA/USDT, and a couple of others). We will also start a yield farming campaign for all these pools, with different nominal APYs (up to 100% APY).
Binance Smart Chain was chosen as the target blockchain due to the fact that gas fees are much lower than those of its closest competitor - Ethereum. As of May 2023, the average transaction fee is around $0.02 compared to $2 for Ethereum. Therefore, as most of the PEPEGEM AI utility will initially focus on farming, Binance Smart Chain will provide a good compromise between high liquidity and medium fees.
PEPEGEM AI will acquire a wide utility in the subsequent versions of platform, especially once we release a wallet and a trading bot dApp, where PEPEGA holders will enjoy fee discounts and other benefits. OG holders (those who started buying and farming PEPEGA earlier) will get extra preferences based on regular wallet screenshots.
In the early stage, our goal is to give users an opportunity to accumulate PEPEGA at the best price in order to enjoy maximum opportunities down the line. We will also consider migrating the token (and the dApp itself) from Binance Smart Chain to a different chain or making it cross-chain. In any case, cross-chain support will be needed once the Gemix trading bot can execute trades on chains like Ethereum, Solana, etc.