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Project engagement rating

This early version of our crypto project rating will be based on the rate of engagement: likes, comments, and retweets. This is a better indicator of public interest that the sheer number of followers – though admittedly engagement can be exaggerated artificially, too.
The rating will be calculated based on the engagement metrics for a certain recent period, rather than for the whole time of an account’s existence. First, this puts new and older projects on a level playing field, and second, users need to evaluate how attractive a project is in the present, rather than how attractive or popular it was in the past.
The first version rating will be calculated based on the standard Twitter engagement formula, where ER= 100*(likes + comments + retweets + quote tweets)/((total number of tweets for the period)*(number of followers). In the following versions, comments and retweets will have a higher weight than simple likes, and the rating formula will include many more variables.
The rating will be displayed as a number; the user will just need to enter the required command (like !rating) and a Twitter handle.