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New PEPEGA utility for V2.0

PEPEGEM AI will integrate with one of the leading token-gating services for Discord – tools that verify that a user holds specific tokens or NFTs in their wallet. Individual PEPEGEM AI users (i.e. owners of private Discord servers and small communities that don’t charge fees) will be able to pass this verification to gain access to the most advanced PEPEGEM AI features as long as they hold or farm PEPEGA.
Sample use case: a Discord user who doesn’t own any PEPEGA or PEPEGA LP will be able to access the basic version of the project rating (based on engagement only), transaction alerts from just a few exchanges, and a limited number of ongoing giveaways/activities. By contrast, PEPEGA holders and farmers will have access to a VIP Discord channel where they will be able to use additional bot commands to access transaction alerts from all supported exchanges and a full list of reward activities.
The main technical challenge is to make such advanced features available to users whose PEPEGA are staked in liquidity pools and LPs are staked in yield farms. However, this issue will be resolved by the time V2.0 launches.
Paying partners will not have this limitation, being able to offer the full functionality of the bot to all their users. However, PEPEGA holders will still have access to additional incentives through the PEPEGEM AI website and Twitter, such as partner airdrops and giveaways.