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Influencer activity monitoring

The bot will start to provide notifications about influencer tweets and retweets that mention a crypto project. For example, if Vitalik Buterin, Elon Musk, or a respected investor like CryptoWizard tweets about a token, PEPEGEM AI users will know about it even if they don’t follow the influencer in question.
By this time, the bot will “know” who is an influencer and be able to identify mentions of both projects and tokens, with or without a @, #, or $ tag. As monitoring tweets in real time requires much more computational effort than monitoring follows, we will first roll out this feature for a section of the influencer database and then expand the range.
Investors often think that such information about project mentions is most useful when acted upon very quickly (within a couple of minutes). Indeed, a tweet can cause a rapid surge in price, but this just motivates earlier investors to sell their tokens and take profits, causing the price to go back down.
It is not the objective of this White Paper to provide financial advice or trading strategies, but PEPEGEM AI platform users should never use any single type of provided data as a signal for action. One should combine information about influencer tweets and notifications about anomalous token buys or sells with fundamental and technical research etc. Just because an influencer tweets positively about a token does not make it a good investment opportunity.