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Lists of favorites

Users will be able to add projects or influencers to a list of favorites and get notifications whenever a project is mentioned by an influencer and/or whenever a certain influencer tweets about a crypto project. Notifications will be provided in real time.
The algorithm will thus filter out irrelevant tweets by influencers (such as “Good morning”), which tend to clutter users’ Twitter notifications and feeds. It will also be much more productive than looking for mentions of a project in Twitter search, which returns any and all mentions, including by bots and regular users.
This feature will be very useful to crypto projects themselves. They will be able to track when important Twitter personalities mention them (with or without tagging) and react by interacting with them. Also, their community will be able to see that the project attracts influencers. Projects can even organize ‘Twitter raids’ (comment and retweet campaigns) after each bot notification.