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New PEPEGA utility for V3.0

Just like in V2.0, PEPEGA holders and farmers will have access to the latest features of the bot and special incentives:
  • Unlimited lists of favorites;
  • More pre-listing alerts than in the free version (50 vs. 20 or 100 vs. 50);
  • Access to the latest (beta) version of the project rating, with more metrics;
  • Participation in partner giveaways, airdrops, and farms;
  • Closed campaign with rewards on a SoFi platform like Port3 (holding or staking PEPEGA will be one of the prerequisites to win tokens, NFTs, and stablecoin prizes);
  • Early tester access to the PEPEGEM AI wallet and web portal with token prizes for the best testers (an incentivized testnet campaign).