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Pre-listing alerts

Some time usually passes after a project starts a Twitter account and before it releases a token. During this time, there can be no token at all, or it can be distributed in a pre-sale. Instead of constantly asking “when token?” or “when listing?”, users can get prepared by using PEPEGEM AI.
The neural network will track any pre-sale or listing announcements on Twitter to form a list of projects that are planning to get listed on a CEX or DEX in the near future. This requires a much more advanced algorithm than simply tracking tweets: the bots will need to “real between the lines” in many cases and not just react to words like “listing”. However, by that time PEPEGEM AI’ ai-tool will be more than adequate for the task.
There are different ways users can act on this information: for example, buy a token on a pre-sale hoping for a pump upon listing; or register on the exchange where the listing will take place and position themselves to buy the token once the price goes down very quickly after the listing (which often occurs).
At first the list will feature only a limited number of projects at a time, selected based on the PEPEGEM AI rating, number of influencers following them, number of followers, etc. Trying to collect all upcoming token releases is resource-intensive as their listing news are published in very different formats. The list will gradually become longer: first 20 projects, then 50, then 100 – while users will be able to choose to display the whole list or part of it, or to get a notification when a new project is added.